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  • Wash, dry and fold service takes a load off Posted on February 7, 2018 under Blog, Garment Care. | no comments.
    Holiday time saving tips

    Wash, dry and fold services can give you back some of your precious time.If the thought of taking time to do loads of laundry is unappealing, or you just don’t have time to do it at all, we get you.There’s nothing more time-consuming or less relaxing than spending all day or weekend doing load after load of laundry….
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  • Sweat stains need not trouble you Posted on June 26, 2017 under Blog. | no comments.
    sweat stains

    Sweat stains are a part of daily life in Southwest Florida. The heat combined with the humidity cause the body temperatures to rise and our body perspires to try to cool us off. From this heat and humidity, it is inevitable that the underarm of shirts will ultimately have perspiration stains followed by unwelcoming odors to accompany it….
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  • Proper comforter care will increase its longevity Posted on March 15, 2017 under Blog, Cleaning Tips, Uncategorized. | no comments.
    Proper comforter care, bedding, Champion Cleaners, Bonita Springs FL, Naples FL, Estero, FL

    Proper comforter care increases its longevity. When you have found the comforter or comforter set that goes perfectly with your decor, you will want to invest time and effort into keeping it looking its best.Comforters and comforter sets can be costly items. You will keep and use them for a long time, in some cases, for a lifetime. The first step…
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  • Sweater care tips for everyone, even Southwest Floridians Posted on February 27, 2017 under Blog, Cleaning Tips, Fashion, Garment Care. | no comments.
    sweater care | Champion Cleaners | Bonita Springs, FL | Naples, FL

    Sweater care isn’t a topic you have to deal with too often in Southwest Florida but we have had a few cold days and nights that have probably made many of you pull out your sweaters.You likely had to dig deep into the back of the closet or a drawer to find the few favorite warm winter clothes you…
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  • An Alternative to The Down Comforter Posted on December 13, 2011 under Champion Service, Cleaning Tips. | no comments.

    Some people are allergic to down but it does not mean you cannot have the comfort that only down comforters can bring. You can now buy down alternative comforters. These are comforters that are soft, comfortable and you will feel as though you are sleeping under a real down comforter. The difference is that this bedding does not…
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