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Dry Cleaning Household Items in the Greater Naples, FL Area


Look around your home and you’ll see plenty of items that need to be cleaned but aren’t clothes:

  • The curtains hanging in your picture window
  • The extra-comfy down-filled quilt in the master bedroom
  • The delicate linen tablecloth you just used for that big family gathering

They are each household items Champion Cleaners can clean. Just bring them to our dry cleaners in Naples, FL, which serves surrounding areas including Bonita Springs and Estero, FL, and we’ll do the rest. It’s the fastest, most affordable way to make your home feel new again.


Benefits to Bringing Household Items to Champion Cleaners


When you bring your household items to Champion Cleaners, you’ll automatically be able to enjoy plenty of benefits:

  • You don’t have to try to overload your washer and dryer. Most residential washers and dryers aren’t up to the task of cleaning large items, such as comforters and quilts. Even if you manage to get a big item into the washer, it won’t truly get clean because there is too little space for the washer to be effective. Dry cleaning comforters and quilts is simple for Champion Cleaners because we have the equipment to get the job done beautifully.
  • We can get out stubborn stains that are plaguing you. Let’s face it – you probably have some stains on your tablecloths, linens or even curtains you’d love to be rid of. Rather than risk damaging the materials and fabrics in your household items, let us use our stain removal experience to get as much of the stain out as we can by dry cleaning those delicate linens at our Naples, FL, facility.
  • We can help you clean the air in your home. Did you know your curtains are collecting dust? All that debris can end up flying around, reducing the air quality in your household. If you, or someone you live with, in the Naples, Bonita Springs, or Estero, Florida, areas have asthma or allergies, it’s a good idea to consider dry cleaning your curtains as a way to improve your indoor air quality.
  • You will have more time to devote to other projects. Do you really have all the time in the world to clean items such as oversized comforters and delicate linens? That’s what we’re here for! Just drop off your household items at Champion Cleaners or we can pick them up for you. When they’re done, we will deliver your items to your home, free of charge. We’ll do all the hard work, leaving you with more free time on your hands.
  • Our team can even sew your household items. Is there a rip in your favorite quilt? Are the seams of your curtains partially torn in spots? Let our onsite seamstress help you repair the items you bring to us for dry cleaning services. We can repair them so they look like new.

Whether you need dry cleaning for tablecloths, napkins or curtains, trust Champion Cleaners to treat it as if it were our own property. We want to be your preferred dry cleaners in the Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, FL, area. Call or contact us today for dry us your household items. We will restore the look and feel of your home through the art and science of world-class dry cleaning techniques.