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Wedding Dress Care – Preservation

The bride’s gown is the focal point of most wedding ceremonies, with the style and color of her dress setting the tone for the look of the entire bridal party. It’s often the first thing a wife or husband thinks of when remembering their vows. Whether your dress was elegant or avant-garde, you can preserve your wedding dress in Naples, FL, with help from the right dry cleaner.


Established Experts in Garment Storage and Care

Champion Cleaners is an area leader in all types of fabric cleaning, care and repair. It’s no surprise we’re one of the leading choices as well for wedding gown preservation in Bonita Springs, FL, and the neighboring communities. We have the experience and the equipment to maintain the integrity of your dress while it’s in storage for many years.


Competitors may promise similar results, but they don’t provide the range of services you’ll get through our business. We begin by cleaning your gown to remove any dirt or debris picked up during your celebration. Then, we move on to necessary repairs. Having an on-site seamstress means we never have to ship your dress out for work to be done. This ensures the job is performed quickly and your gown remains secure.


Once any ripped hem is mended or broken zipper replaced, we use the best method for prepping your gown for storage. This is really where our wedding dress care and preservation in Estero, FL, and the surrounding areas stands out from the rest. We work with formal wear every day, all day. Many of our clients are top executives ordering dry cleaning for a department. We’ve had the opportunity to work with every material and fabric imaginable. Regardless of the fabric used, we’ll know the best method for evening out any wrinkles.


Finally, your wedding dress is placed in storage capable of retaining its original colors and shape over a long duration. We take your memories seriously and go the extra mile to ensure our preservation methods won’t leave you wanting.


Wedding Dress Restoration in Naples, Florida

Sadly, some of our experience in wedding gown preservation begins by fixing another company’s mistakes. Thankfully we have a wealth of tricks up our sleeve for repairing damage and removing stains. We’re a top choice if you’d like to restore your wedding dress in Naples, FL. In all but the most severe cases, our experts on staff will return your gown to its former glory.


If a bride intends to wear the gown in a new wedding, we have skilled seamstresses on site who will provide friendly and professional alterations to suit the new bride. Your old wedding dress with achieve a flawless fit. We do ask, however, for several months’ notice as certain fabrics and designs take time to get right. The age and condition of your garment is also a factor.


However, if you’re intending to place it back into storage, you can trust our time-tested approach. The final results will put your fears to rest. Invest in the highest-quality wedding gown restoration and preservation in Florida. Call or contact us online to schedule a consultation.