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Estero Alterations Service

The Champion Cleaners’ Estero alterations service is our way of being able to showcase our skills and benefit you all at once!

Our success so far has been built on quality and speed of service. All things we strive to improve every day. Our experienced team can take old, ill-fitting clothes and make them like new again.

Our Estero alterations services include:

  • Clothing alterations
  • Clothing repairs
  • Professional dry cleaning
  • Wedding dress preservation

Your clothes are in safe hands with Champion Cleaners!

Our aim is to deliver a highly effective service to all our customers. We provide swift clothing alterations, dry cleaning and repairs. We know time is important to you, so we take as little of it as possible. We’re quick, but we don’t compromise quality.

We offer a truly personal service where you can have garments altered, cleaned and repaired. Our team will measure and pin in privacy, then alter fast. We excel in speed and quality by continuously upgrading our equipment and investing in training and development.This ensures the very best result in the shortest possible time.

No job is to large or small for the Champion Cleaners’ Estero alterations service!

There are limits to what even we can do. There are three important elements to any clothing alteration, material, proportion and skill. We fulfill the latter, the other two come from you.


Our clothing alterations service can let clothing out as well as take it in but we need the material to work with if we are to do it properly. To be able to effectively expand a garment, we need it to carry extra material in order for us to work our magic.

If you’re buying something specifically to have it tailored, bear this in mind then you purchase. We often need an inch or two to be able to work effectively and to do a good job. With existing clothing, it can be possible to take material from elsewhere and use that. Bring your garment in to us first to be sure.


The proportions of any item of clothing are vital. The waist needs to be at waist height, sleeves the right length, collar the right width and so on. When performing clothing alterations, we have to bear proportions in mind, especially of the alterations are drastic.

We may reduce the size of almost anything, but we have to be careful to retain the shape and proportion of the garment. We don’t want to take too much off that the pockets are in a different place! With any serious alterations, it’s best to bring the item into the store so we can evaluate before we make promises.


The tailors that perform the Champion Cleaners’ Estero alterations service are experienced and very skilled. You would be amazed at what they can do with a piece of cloth and a needle!

They are what makes this service possible, but they can’t work magic. If you’re looking for serious alterations, bring the garment to us to assess properly. We can then tell you there an then whether we can perform the alteration or not.

Champion Cleaners offers a fully personalized clothing alteration service in Estero and beyond. Contact us today to see what we can change for you!