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  • Laundry symbols: Decoding your clothing care tags Posted on February 6, 2024 under Blog, Garment Care. | no comments.
    Laundry symbols on a piece of clothing.

    Laundry symbols appear on all the labels or care tags that you can find somewhere on every piece of clothing you purchase. These symbols are important as they tell you the best way to care for your garments without damaging them. However, they can be confusing. You will often find directions as well as the symbols to help…
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  • How to wash your activewear Posted on January 4, 2024 under Blog, Cleaning Tips. | no comments.
    People working out for blog about how to wash your activewear.

    If your New Year’s resolution is to be more active, one thing you’ll want to know is how to wash your activewear. Keeping your resolution will be much easier if your workout clothes are stain-free and smell fresh. Cleaning these fabrics can be complicated, though. They are often different from what you wear day-to-day. Here are some tips…
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  • Tips for getting ready for holiday guests Posted on December 7, 2023 under Blog, Champion Service. | no comments.
    Champion Cleaners holiday guest preparations blog photo.

    The holidays can be such a busy time of year that it’s easy for things to get overlooked, especially if you are hosting family and friends. As you check items off your holiday list, here are some tips for getting ready for holiday guests.In addition to getting your favorite recipes ready, shopping for gifts, and wrapping presents, be…
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  • Professional corporate dry cleaning saves time Posted on November 8, 2023 under Blog, Garment Care. | no comments.
    Corporate dry cleaning can help your business save time.

    Professional corporate dry cleaning services are tremendous for helping you and your employees save time while ensuring you all look your best. Suits, dresses, and other business attire usually need special care to maintain their look. In fact, many of these outfits are dry clean only.Here’s a rundown on how dry cleaning keeps your professional outfits looking their…
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  • White clothing care tips Posted on October 4, 2023 under Blog, Cleaning Tips, Garment Care. | no comments.
    White clothing care tips that will keep your outfits looking their best for years.

    Proper white clothing care is essential for keeping your white outfits looking bright and sharp. We have put together some tips to help you ensure your white clothes stay vibrant. Act Fast The best way to keep your white clothing looking its best is to clean any stains or dirt from them as soon as possible. Acting fast helps keep…
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  • Clothing storage tips for seasonal garments Posted on September 6, 2023 under Blog, Garment Care. | no comments.
    Clothing storage tips, Champion Cleaners, Naples, FL

    Following a few clothing storage tips for your seasonal garments or special occasion apparel will help ensure they are ready when you need them. It’s a great idea to store them out of the way of your everyday clothes but you don’t want them to be wrinkled or damaged when you’re ready to wear them.However, before storing seasonal…
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  • Differences in natural and synthetic fibers Posted on August 3, 2023 under Blog. | no comments.
    Graphic to illustrate differences between natural and synthetic fibers

    When choosing clothing, curtains, bedding, or anything else made of fabric, it’s good to know the differences between natural and synthetic fibers. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.All clothing fibers were natural until the 1930s when DuPont introduced nylon. The stretchy synthetic material changed the clothing landscape. It gave fabric more flexibility in how it could be used…
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  • The best rainy season fabrics Posted on July 6, 2023 under Blog. | no comments.
    Woman in raincoat for blog post about best rainy season fabrics.

    Knowing the best rainy season fabrics for your jackets and other clothes will help keep you dry in Southwest Florida’s stormy summer afternoons. Finding fabrics that will protect you from the rain can be difficult because of the language used when describing clothes. You will likely see phrases such as waterproof, water-resistant, and water-repellant on clothing meant to…
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  • Cleaning silks and rayon Posted on June 9, 2023 under Blog, Cleaning Tips. | no comments.
    Cleaning silks and rayons photo for Champion Cleaners.

    Cleaning silks and rayon can be difficult since they are more delicate fabrics than cotton or linen. They require special care to avoid damage and keep colors vibrant.Silk is a popular choice for a variety of garments from fancy gowns to night gowns. It’s an elegant natural fabric known for its shine and softness. Rayon is a semi-synthetic…
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  • Wedding dress preservation services offer chance to save memories Posted on May 19, 2023 under Blog, Weddings. | no comments.
    wedding dress preservation

    Wedding dress preservation isn’t one of the first things a bride thinks about after she picks out her dress. In fact, she probably doesn’t think about it until long after the honeymoon.But brides shouldn’t wait too long after the wedding or something could happen to the dress.Since May and June are popular months for weddings, it’s a good…
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