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Knowing the best rainy season fabrics for your jackets and other clothes will help keep you dry in Southwest Florida’s stormy summer afternoons.

Finding fabrics that will protect you from the rain can be difficult because of the language used when describing clothes. You will likely see phrases such as waterproof, water-resistant, and water-repellant on clothing meant to protect you from the elements. They are often used interchangeably but mean different things.

Woman in raincoat for blog post about best rainy season fabrics.Waterproof fabrics offer the most protection with layers that prevent water from seeping through and getting you wet. Water-resistant and water-repellant fabrics are typically tightly woven fibers that help reduce the amount of water that will seep through but can’t block all moisture.

Best rainy season fabrics

The best rainy season fabrics are synthetic. Synthetic fabrics can be engineered to be waterproof. Polyester and nylon are materials with extremely tight weaving making them water-resistant. When treated, they become waterproof and are used in raincoats and umbrellas. Latex and vinyl are other synthetic materials used to make waterproof clothing.

Many natural fabrics have inherent water-resistant qualities. Adding additional coatings can enhance those qualities. Oilcloth, for example, is tightly woven linen or cotton coated with oils that help give it waterproof qualities.

Wool is also naturally water-resistant and can be treated with lanolin to be near waterproof, but only temporarily. Natural rubbers can also be used in waterproof materials but are significantly harder to wash.

When it comes time to wash waterproof clothing, you do want to be careful and read the care instructions beforehand. Many detergents can damage and remove the oils and other protective coatings that help keep moisture from penetrating your waterproof and water-resistant fabrics. Washing your waterproof clothing with regular laundry can also leave them dirtier than before when their oils mix in your laundry machine.

Once you find the best rainy season fabrics for you, ensure they stay waterproof and water-resistant by cleaning them with professionals. Our expert dry cleaners handle your garments with the proper care they need. Contact Champion Cleaners by calling (239) 598-1555.

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