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Household Items


Look around your home and you’ll see plenty of items that need to be cleaned but aren’t clothes:

  • The curtains hanging in your picture window
  • The extra-comfy down-filled quilt in the master bedroom
  • The delicate linen tablecloth you just used for that big family gathering

They are each household items Champion Cleaners can clean. Just bring them to our dry cleaners in Naples, FL, which serves surrounding areas including Bonita Springs and Estero, FL, and we’ll do the rest. It’s the fastest, most affordable way to make your home feel new again.


Bright White Services


Have you noticed a lot of your favorite white and light-colored clothes start to discolor, fade or dull over time? This is a common complaint among people everywhere who are tired of this kind of issue, especially when they have to get rid of their favorite clothing. Fortunately, Champion Cleaners in Naples, FL, has the solution to this problem — regular dry cleaning.


Why Dry Cleaning Keeps White Clothes Looking Bright


Consistently sending your bright white clothes to us for dry cleaning will help them hold onto their colors. Why? There are several reasons:

  • The products we use for our dry cleaning encourage the fabrics to release all the stains within the fibers.
  • Proper dry cleaning helps your whites resist fading by holding onto the white-boosting agents that are typically added when the fabric is created and dyed.
  • We make sure we launder shirts and other garment pieces in conditioned water at the appropriate temperature. There is a definite science to our business, and we use it to your advantage!

Whether you want to make your dress shirts look whiter than ever or you want dry cleaning to perk up your light-colored clothes, come to Champion Cleaners. Show us your items to be dry cleaned and/or laundered, and we’ll do the rest.


How You Can Help Clothes Hold Their Colors


There are a few ways you can help your favorite outfits and individual garments hold onto their whiteness:

  • Stop cleaning them at home. Even if they do not say “dry clean only,” they could benefit from proper cleaning that can only be done by a professional dry cleaning service.
  • Avoid exposing them to sunlight for too long. It’s fine to wear your whites and light-colored clothes outside, but don’t store them where they will be in direct light for hours and hours every day, such as in a closet with a skylight or window. Light rays can damage and discolor clothing.
  • Be cautious when laundering at home. If you do choose to launder white items yourself, you may want to skip the bleach. Bleach can actually be very harmful, and a little goes a long way. Most people tend to overdo it with chlorine bleach, leading to premature yellowing rather than brightening.

Can Stains Really Be Removed From White and Light-Colored Garments?


One of the biggest concerns we hear from customers is worry over whether stained white and light-colored garments can be completely fixed. The answer is it depends on when you bring the outfit or item to Champion Cleaners. For your convenience, we also offer free pickup and delivery services so you can get your garments taken care of in a timely and professional manner.


If you have not pretreated the stain, there is a much better chance we can totally remove it from the fabric fibers. On the other hand, if you have already treated and washed the garment, the chances are greatly reduced that we can completely remove the stain. They key is to bring any stained white or light-colored piece of clothing to Champion Cleaners as soon as you can, without doing anything to the clothes.