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Wedding Dress Care & Champion Cleaners’ Pre-Wedding Services

What better way to perfect the look of your big day than with help from the best Naples, FL, wedding dress pressing service? We’ll add a finishing touch to your entire wedding party, making sure every treatment we use is just right for the fabrics in your wedding gown and your attendants’ dresses. We’re adept at caring for suits and tuxedos as well, meaning you can save time and stress by having all of your wedding attire prep performed by the same company.


Stay Worry and Wrinkle Free

achieve the perfect look with our pre-wedding services. Whether your dress is made from silk, satin or chiffon, we’ll smooth out any creases without damaging even the most delicate fabric.


We have the experience and reliable, well-maintained equipment needed for wedding wear. From the groom’s tuxedo down to the flower girl’s veil, Champion Cleaners can even out any problems. We will also lend our assistance in selecting a dress, when requested. Depending on the location of your ceremony, picking one fabric over another will have a big impact on the look and feel of your gown.


We’ll prep your wedding gown and the dresses and suits or tuxedos for your entire wedding party so you won’t have to worry the day of your ceremony. Allow us to help you look breathtaking as you go down the aisle with skillful pre-wedding dry cleaning for ceremonies in Estero, FL, and beyond.


Achieve the Perfect Fit

Every bride wants her wedding gown to fit flawlessly. We recommend scheduling fittings from one to three months before your ceremony, depending upon your dress fabrics and design elements. Silk and satin can pose particular difficulties, as can complex layers, a bustle or train. We have the experience needed to handle these and other wedding dress alterations in Naples, FL, and for brides in the surrounding communities.


Similarly, we can handle all of the alterations needed by the wedding party. From narrowing the sleeves on the groom’s tux to lengthening the hem on your growing flower girl’s dress, we’ll ensure every person involved in your ceremony looks their very best.


Special Services for Older Gowns

We’re experts in wedding dress care near Bonita Springs, FL, including the restoration of gowns you’ve taken out of storage. If you’re planning to use a mother or grandmother’s dress in your ceremony, it’s likely you will need help with mending or stain removal. The precise preservation methods of today do a much better job of maintaining a fabric’s original look and feel. However, we also have improved methods for returning stored wedding dresses to their former glory.


Regardless of the size of your ceremony, you’re bound to have a few worries leading up to your wedding day. From venues to flowers to your cake and guests, there are so many responsibilities to juggle. Contact Champion Cleaners to discuss how our pre-wedding services can simplify the process.