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Bonita Springs Alterations Service

Champion Cleaners’ Bonita Springs alterations service is here to make you look good!

We alter and dry clean garments of all kinds. Our highly experienced team can transform an badly fitting garment into something that looks like new. No more do you have to recycle old clothes because they don’t fit. If they can be altered, we can do it.

Our professional garment care services include:

  • Clothing alterations
  • Clothing repairs
  • Professional dry cleaning
  • Wedding dress preservation


We specialize in making people look good in Bonita Springs. Alterations performed by Champion Cleaners will have you looking great in your old clothes in no time!

The Ingredients of a Great Alteration

Champion Cleaners’ Bonita Springs alterations service has been continually refined over many years. Our experienced tailors can take an old garment and transform it into something new, we can make old clothes fit once more and we can repair items so you can use them again.

Tailors were once the only way one was able to wear quality clothes. Society has changed, with the advent of wash and wear clothes, but our art hasn’t. We can still make clothes from scratch, still alter them to fit perfectly and still repair clothing once thought past their time.


For an effective clothing alteration, there has to be enough material to make the change. That material also has to be of a high enough quality to take the work. If the fabric isn’t there, no tailor of any skill can help. So, for enlargements, you need to ensure there is a good inch or two of extra material for us to work with.

Of course, when you need something taken in, shortened, hemmed or narrowed, that doesn’t apply. As long as they material and type of garment is suitable, we can tailor it to fit easily.


The Champion Cleaners’ Bonita Springs alterations service is very effective at breathing new life into old clothes, but we are still constrained by proportion. Drastic weight loss and athletic weight gain can both throw off the conventional proportions of an item.

For example, if a man loses 5 stone in weight and wants his suit taken in, we will be constrained by the proportions of the suit and of the client. Taking clothing in too much will throw pockets and seams out of position, often in a way that will spoil the shape of the garment.


The team at Champion Cleaners has many years’ experience in tailoring. There is very little we haven’t seen, taken in, loosened out, made, repaired or cleaned. That works for you as there is very little we can’t cope with.

Bring your clothing to us and let us assess whether we can work with it or not. If it’s possible, we’ll achieve it, if it isn’t, we’ll tell you so. The Champion Cleaners’ Bonita Springs alterations service is a highly skilled, competitively priced part our business. Try us, you’ll love what we can do with your clothes!