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Fabric care is an important consideration if you like nice clothes. If you spend a lot on what you wear then you want to know how to keep them looking as good as new, for as long as possible. Fabric care labels are the best way to find out if your favorite outfit is dry clean only or not. Any dry cleaner should know what kind of attention a particular fabric needs and are a great way of finding out the facts. They can advise as to the best way to care for your clothes, or what dry cleaning method would work best for them.


Most modern materials can be put in with the general laundry and washed with your other garments. It’s best to check before adding them though, as even if they can be washed with your bed linen, they might have different temperature tolerances and can be spoiled if you get it wrong.


There are some fabrics that need a bit more care, and they are listed here.


Angora. This is a very soft wool and will definitely need some extra special care. Ensure your dry cleaner knows that it’s angora wool as it can shrink if not cleaned with extra attention.

Cashmere. This is an extremely delicate fabric. As a rule it’s best to just spot clean and air anything made of cashmere, but a competent dry cleaner can work with it.


Other Wool. Even standard wool isn’t designed to stand up well to dry cleaning. Clothes can often stretch or shrink when subjected to the steam process that dry cleaners use. There are other ways to clean wool though, so talk to your dry cleaner first.


Suede and leather. Great fabrics for clothing but stain magnets whenever you wear them outside. These are dry cleaners specialties as they have the special tools to pre- and post-treat the fabrics during the cleaning process.


Imitation leather and suede. Very prevalent in the fashion world, but very difficult to care for. Depending on the quality of the fabric, imitations have a tendency to go hard when dry cleaned. Once this happens they can become flaky, and the finish can just fall off. Talk to your dry cleaner if you have any of these, they will need to see the quality of the material before making any judgments.


Anything with sequins or beads. Some dry cleaners don’t mind these, others won’t touch them. Again, it’s best to talk to your local dry cleaner to see what they have to say. The fabric underneath is usually fine, but the fixings and the adornments don’t often stand up well to the cleaning process. A skilled dry cleaner can make short work of them though.


Dry cleaning is still the best way of keeping your clothes looking like new. However, as you have seen, care has to be taken to manage the fabrics properly and discuss their particular needs with your local dry cleaner.

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