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Bonita Springs Dry Cleaners

Champion Cleaners’ Bonita Springs dry cleaning service is your local garment care specialist. Bring all your old and dirty clothes to us and let us give them a new lease of life. Let Champion Cleaners make them like new again!

We don’t just do dry cleaning, we also provide:


  • Clothing alterations
  • Clothing repairs
  • Professional dry cleaning
  • Wedding dress preservation


Whatever your clothes, whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning

The benefits to the Champion Cleaners’ Bonita Springs dry cleaning service is that we can also repair or alter items while we have them. If you need a button reattaching, a hem changed or a zipper repaired, we can do it right here. It’s a convenient, cost-effective way of renewing your favorite clothes in one go.

Dry Cleaning Tips

To make all our lives a little easier, please read these dry cleaning tips. They are practical considerations for anyone who brings in their precious clothing for us to dry clean.

  1. Check your garment is safe to dry clean before bringing it to us. The fabric care label will tell you whether it’s dry clean safe or not

  2. Empty your pockets. Ensure all pockets are empty before delivering your garment. We check too, but you are responsible if there is anything in them

  3. Bring suits and sets in at the same time. Pants and jackets need to be cleaned together so any minor changes in color or texture is reflected in bothHighlight stains or problem areas on the garment  before we clean it. Not all stains can be dry cleaned out or we may be able to use our specialist spot cleaning on it first

  4. If you asked us for something specific, check before paying as we want you to be completely happy before you leave

  5. Leave the dry cleaned garment inside the wrapper until you get home the hang them up so as to not get creased.


Champion Cleaners’ Bonita Springs dry cleaning service is your local cleaning and alterations specialist. Call us today for a fast, efficient service!