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Wedding dress preservation isn’t one of the first things a bride thinks about after she picks out her dress. In fact, she probably doesn’t think about it until long after the honeymoon.

But brides shouldn’t wait too long after the wedding or something could happen to the dress.

wedding dress preservationSince May and June are popular months for weddings, it’s a good time for brides-to-be to start thinking about what they want to do with their dress after the wedding. Although it isn’t as common as it once was, many brides like to save their dresses as a keepsake of their special day or to pass on to the next generation. It must be stored properly for it to last.
To keep the dress in excellent condition, here are a few suggestions.

Wedding dress preservation tips

• Inspect the dress for any potential damage such as stains or minor rips or tears. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and not even notice a small stain. While celebrating, dancing, and hugging all the guests, it can be easy to get a pull in the fabric. That’s why close inspection is important.

• Have the dress professionally cleaned. Most dry cleaners will be able to make any repairs as well as remove stains. By getting repairs and cleaning done in one place, it will save time and money. Professional dry cleaning is important even if the dress doesn’t need any repairs or stain removal.

• Place the dress in a breathable storage container or bag and keep it in a dry area that doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight. Dry cleaners who provide wedding dress preservation should have a garment bag that will keep the dress safe. Many use the same techniques museum conservators have used to extend the lifetime of textiles for more than 200 years.

At Champion Cleaners, we take your memories seriously and go the extra mile to ensure our preservation methods get you the best results. Whether the dress was elegant or casual, you can preserve your wedding dress with help from the right dry cleaner. In Naples, FL, that’s Champion Cleaners!

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