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Proper white clothing care is essential for keeping your white outfits looking bright and sharp. We have put together some tips to help you ensure your white clothes stay vibrant.


Act Fast


White clothing care tips that will keep your outfits looking their best for years.The best way to keep your white clothing looking its best is to clean any stains or dirt from them as soon as possible. Acting fast helps keep those stains from working deep into the fabric, making them harder to remove the longer you wait.


Wash More Often


Similarly, you should wash your white clothing more often than your other laundry. Doing so will help keep your outfits bright by removing the dirt and stains you can’t see that will dull the look of your garments over time.


Clean Separately


The most common white clothing care tip is to wash whites separately from other clothing. It prevents the dyes from colorful garments from washing off and dulling and staining your white shirts and pants.


Skip Chlorine Bleach


Chlorine bleach is commonly used in white clothing care but sometimes causes a chemical reaction with your fabrics that deepens stains and makes them harder to remove.




Dry Clean


If you want to guarantee that your white outfits stay bright and clean every time you go to wear them, dry cleaning is your best option. Dry cleaners are professionals in white clothing care and the needs of different fabric types. Not all fabric is the same, and not all white clothing is the same. A dry cleaner will utilize the best method for your specific outfit.


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