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Down Comforter Some people are allergic to down but it does not mean you cannot have the comfort that only down comforters can bring. You can now buy down alternative comforters. These are comforters that are soft, comfortable and you will feel as though you are sleeping under a real down comforter.

The difference is that this bedding does not use bird’s plumage, known as down, which often triggers allergy attacks. Here are some recommendations on how to buy down alternative comforters. One type of comforter that you can buy is something that is filled with silk.

Silk is very luxurious and it can also provide you softness and coziness that down comforters usually provide. One good thing about silk is that they are naturally hypoallergenic. Those small bugs called dust mites that often cause allergies do not want to dwell on silk comforters for some reason. These are very warm and more expensive than other comforters but still less expensive than actual down. You need to dry clean your silk-filled comforters to keep the texture and quality. Another option to down comforters is wool comforters. Though somewhat expensive.

They are great in winter nights because they keep your body warm. They are also very light. And just like real down or silk, you must not wash them. You have to bring them to professional dry-cleaners. However, wool comforters are not as comfortable as down comforters, so you have to make sure that you buy something thick.

You can also get comforters containing synthetic down. The feeling is the same, they are comfortable and lightweight but they do not keep you as cozy in cold nights as real down. They are also much cheaper than the two previously mentioned options and they are not sturdy. They’ll only last for a few years, and if not taken care of properly, possibly even less then that. However if you have your heart set on down, there are some designers that say their down comforters are non-allergic.  This is because the down fill they put inside the comforters are supposedly allergy-free. They exclaim that the down by itself does not cause the allergy but in fact the chemicals used to take care of down.

These manufactures profess that their product is the same as a normal down, just processed differently. It is more expensive because it was treated in a different way than normal down and they suggest that you have it dry cleaned. With so many options available you can now enjoy the look and feel of a down comforter without the fear of a allergic reaction. Just remember that when in doubt about cleaning instructions, always ask your friendly dry cleaner.

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