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Sweat stains are a part of daily life in Southwest Florida. The heat combined with the humidity cause the body temperatures to rise and our body perspires to try to cool us off. From this heat and humidity, it is inevitable that the underarm of shirts will ultimately have perspiration stains followed by unwelcoming odors to accompany it. There are fewer things that cause more annoyance or embarrassment than these stains and odors. Since the heat and humidity will always be a constant, leave it to Champion Cleaners to guide you.

Tips and Tricks

Yellow sweat stains occur when the sweat patches are left to dry for a period of time. The build-up of antiperspirant or deodorant products add to the problem. Over time, the aluminum in the product and salt in your perspiration combines to form a yellow sweat stain. The stains are difficult to remove with normal washing.

The best and cheapest way to combat sweat stains is to try and stop them from occurring in the first place.

  • Wear loose clothing made of natural fibers like cotton, linen and wool allowing your sweat to evaporate more easily.
  • Make sure your antiperspirant deodorant is dry before dressing or use a ‘dry-on application’ product such as an aerosol.
  • Using too much product can lead to build up or yellow staining so keep your application at a minimum.

Sweat Stain Removal

Preventing sweat stains and stain removal is not an easy task even with all of the tips and tricks out there. At times, the inevitable cannot be prevented nor will any at home treatments work.  Silks, wools, lace and any other delicate fabrics need a professional touch. That is where Champion Cleaners comes to the rescue.

Every stain requires a specific method of removal. Champion Cleaners has the knowledge and experience to handle any type of stain removal. We can work with any fabric to ensure the fabric remains stain- and odor-free while providing special care for all of your garments.

We have three goals in our stain-removal process: To cause absolutely no damage to your garments, to erase as much of the stain as we can, and to return your clothing to you looking and smelling great.

Trust your sweat stain removal to the expertise of Champion Cleaners, your dry cleaners in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida.

Don’t forget, while we specialize in removing tough stains from clothing, we can repair and alter garments too. We offer services including mending seams, inserting new zippers and sewing hems.

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