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sweater care | Champion Cleaners | Bonita Springs, FL | Naples, FLSweater care isn’t a topic you have to deal with too often in Southwest Florida but we have had a few cold days and nights that have probably made many of you pull out your sweaters.

You likely had to dig deep into the back of the closet or a drawer to find the few favorite warm winter clothes you saved for those limited chilly nights. Many Estero, Bonita, Naples and other Southwest Florida residents get somewhat excited when the temperatures dip down into the 40s and 50s. The lower temps are a welcome relief from the heat and residents get to wear their favorite sweaters, jackets and warm socks.

Because sweaters aren’t part of your everyday attire in Southwest Florida, it’s important to remember some may require special care. Wool, for example, can’t just be thrown in your regular wash cycles.

Sweater care tips

Many sweaters are made from cotton and may be more lightweight for the Florida winters. Wool is warmer, so it’s worn less, and it is not as tough as cotton. Wool tends to keep its shape a little better and gets fewer wrinkles but it requires greater cleaning care. Heat, water and bleach can damage wool fibers.

The best way to preserve the color and texture of your wool sweaters is to get them dry cleaned. Hand washing is an option but stubborn stains should be taken to a dry cleaner.

If your sweater can be washed, consider hand washing or using a gentle cycle in the washing machine but avoid using the dryer. To dry your sweater, gently squeeze the water out and lay it flat on a clean towel or a drying rack.

Regardless of the material, make sure you read the label and follow the directions for proper care and cleaning. If your sweaters are dry clean only, be sure to bring them in to Champion Cleaners using our convenient drop off options, including a drive through and lockers for after hours.

Before putting the sweaters up for the season, make sure they are clean and stored properly. Don’t keep your sweaters on hangers; that can stretch them out so they lose their shape. Fold them and keep them on a flat surface such as a shelf or drawer. Sweaters can also be rolled up for storage. You don’t want to keep sweaters (or other clothing) in damp areas or where bugs, mice or other critters could get to them.

You can store them in breathable clothing storage bags or boxes made of cotton or canvas. Avoid vacuum-sealed bags. They might save space but they seal in moisture and can create mildew and yellowing.

If you have any questions about proper sweater care or other clothing items, give us a call at Champion Cleaners at 239-598-1555. You can also find other helpful tips on our blog.

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