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Following some clothing care best practices ensures your clothes last longer, helping you protect the investment you’ve made in your wardrobe. We all know clothes can be expensive so keeping what you have in good shape saves you money.

5 Clothing Care Best Practices

Clothing Care Tips graphic for Champion CleanersTo help keep your clothes looking good, here are 5 clothing care best practices.

1. Remove stains immediately: The longer you let stains sit, the harder it is to remove them. 

2. Dry clean your dry-clean-only clothes every 2-3 wears: If you’re consistently wearing dress shirts and suits, then these should be dry-cleaned every two or three wears. This will help keep your items fresh and preserve their quality over time.

3. Have high-quality clothing items repaired: When items need to be repaired, have them repaired by a professional or learn to do simple repairs yourself.

4. Have garments altered or tailored instead of getting rid of them: Often when an item no longer fits, our instinct is to discard it. However, tailors can make a variety of alterations to your items so they fit properly.

5. Always hang or fold clothing: As part of your clothing care best practices, it is important to store your clothing properly. Never shove items in a drawer or discard them on the floor. Over time, these bad habits wear out your clothing, especially delicates. Get more wear out of your wardrobe by getting into the habit of storing items properly.

Most importantly, remember to treat your clothes kindly. Pay special attention to your high-quality and high-end items that are best left to the professionals for cleaning. For reliable and friendly professional dry cleaners in Naples, choose Champion Cleaners. Sign up for our free pickup and delivery and other high-end laundry services in Naples, Estero, and Bonita Springs, FL so you can look and feel like a champion all year long.

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