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Most people have at least a few clothing items such as dresses, skirts, blazers, suits and shirts that are labeled as dry-clean only. However, not everyone follows the label and that can lead to damaged clothing.

It’s not a good idea to ignore dry-clean only labels. That means that the fabric needs special care. Washing those items could cause the fabric to shrink, fade, lose its shape or sustain some other damage.

Dry-Clean only clothingBefore you buy clothes, make sure you know how they need to be cleaned and then follow the instructions. Your clothes will last longer and you’ll be happier with the way they look.

Dry-clean only tips

How often you should dry clean clothes depends greatly on the specific item, how often you wear it, and what shape the garment is in.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s an item you wear regularly, then you may need to have it dry cleaned every few times you wear it. Other items you may only wear once a year. Ultimately, it depends on the particular item and how soiled the item has become.

In Naples, FL, you also have to think about how much you were sweating when you wore the clothes. Not only do you want to get any odors out of your clothes but also sweat could cause a stain.

What to dry clean

Here are examples of items that are best to have professionally cleaned:

  • Anything with a lining like suits, jackets, skirts and wool pants
  • Pleated items like skirts, pants and shirts
  • Anything beaded, embroidered or embellished with sequins
  • Wool coats
  • Garments made from delicate synthetic fabrics and blends like rayon and silk blends
  • Heavily soiled and dirty items that may damage the washing machine


While it is possible sometimes to wash clothing at home, dry cleaning delicate clothes and business professional clothes is always a best practice to preserve their quality. If you are in doubt, it never hears to take your clothes to a professional such as Champion Cleaners in Naples, FL. Give us a call at 239.598.1555. We even provide free pick-up and delivery!

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