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Sweat stain removal tips are essential for residents of Southwest Florida. It’s hard to avoid sweating when the heat index often hits triple digits in the summer and we have hot temps and high humidity most of the year.

There are antiperspirants, lotions and, of course, air conditioning to keep you from perspiring. But, it is still hard to avoid sweating. 

Sweat soaked shirts are uncomfortable and embarrassing. Not only do you end up with water-soaked arm pits, a ring around your collar or a fountain down your back but also body odor. The various geometric shapes sweat creates on your clothes are difficult to hide. It’s not the image you want to portray in a professional or casual setting.

Sweat Stain Removal TipsIn addition to being uncomfortable and disconcerting, sweat can stain your clothes.

Although sweat on its own can cause stains, more stains are caused by deodorants and anti-perspirants. The yellow-hued sweat stains are caused by a combination of your sweat and the bacteria on your skin as well as your deodorant. The stains can ruin your clothes if you aren’t careful.

There are a few ways to prevent sweat stains. Wearing an undershirt will create a barrier between you and your nicer dress clothes. Another way to avoid sweat stains is to wear clinical-strength deodorant that helps prevent bacteria prone sweat. You should also avoid using more deodorant than you need.

Although these prevention methods may seem easy, it’s difficult to stop sweat stains, especially during the summer in Southwest Florida. And, they aren’t easy to treat.

Sweat Stain Removal Tips

The best option is to take your clothes to a professional cleaner as soon as possible. At Champion Cleaners, we offer laundry and dry cleaning services to keep your clothes feeling fresh and looking bright.

If you try to clean the stains at home, Reader’s Digest suggests you may have some solutions on hand. Items include meat tenderizer, baking soda, lemons, aspirin, dish soap, salt and vinegar. Don’t try mixing all those together, though! There are a variety of solutions you can check out on their website.

There are many stain treatment concoctions out there but don’t risk ruining your favorite outfit or expensive clothes. Take it to the professionals at Champion Cleaners.

If you don’t have the time to go to the dry cleaner, we can come to you with our free pick-up and delivery services. Contact us today.


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