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The holiday season is right around the corner, and with family meals, outdoor activities, or festive parties that call for an extra bold lipstick color, stains tend to pop up more than usual around this time of year. But, we’ll give you some stain treating tips to get you through the holidays.

Whether it’s a glass of red wine on your white tablecloth, or a dripping spoonful of soup down the front of your crisp shirt, it can be frustrating to watch some of your favorite items tarnished by unexpected stains.

But stains don’t have to mean the demise of your favorite outfit. There are stain treating tips that can help keep things from setting in forever. Following some simple tips can mean saving that jubilant holiday dress or your merry holiday vest for next year.

Pre-Treat before you treat

To avoid losing your items to a pile of stained things in the trash, you want to make sure that you are aware of some tips that can assist Champion Cleaners in tackling your tough stains.  Although you might not be able to remove the stain yourself, there are some measures you can take to improve the chances your garment will be stain free.

Here are some stain treating tips:

  • Never rub a stain, especially one on a silk garment. As this could exasperate the stain. Blot the stained area, if necessary.
  • Don’t put a garment, table linen or other fabrics away with spills or stains on it. Not only could this cause a problem when you take it out to use it again, it could also ruin it. There are several factors that can make it almost impossible to get the stain out. The warmth of a closet or exposure to natural or artificial light, for example, can contribute to setting a stain.
  • It’s important to get your stained clothing to us as quickly as possible. Champion Cleaners wants to help make sure you don’t lose something that could have been revived.
  • Avoid ironing stained clothes as well, as this will help set the stain or drive it deeper into the fabric.
  • If it’s an important item you want to try to save, you should avoid trying to remove it yourself. Even home stain removal kits can cause damage to the fabric. It’s best to let the experts handle it.
  • When you bring your items in to us, be sure to point out any stains and let us know what caused the stain. This will help us in removing it.

Following proper stain treating tips can help keep your holidays jolly.

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