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Dry cleaning tips can help you and the dry cleaners get the best results possible. You both have the same goal — vibrant, clean and wrinkle-free clothes. By taking a few easy steps, you can do your part to reach the goal.

Even though most people use dry cleaning services, they may not know how to get the most out of it. For the best results, here are a few dry cleaning tips you can follow before dropping off your garments at Champion Cleaners.

Dry cleaning tipsDry cleaning tips

  1. Read the label: It’s important to review the labels on your clothing. This is where you’ll find any special care requirements that the manufacturer may have suggested. Garments marked “dry clean only” are best taken care of by the professionals at Champion Cleaners. When in doubt, though, feel free to bring them in – dry cleaning is always safer than machine washing!
  2. Note any stains: If you are aware of stains on the garment, please bring them to our attention. Many stains and blemishes require specialized attention to fully remove, so it’s important to let us know. If you know the source of the stain, be sure to mention that as well — it will make the cleaning process easier and give you the best results.
  3. Check for existing damages: Take a few minutes to fully examine the condition of your clothes. Look for any small issues, such as missing buttons, broken zippers, and loose threads. It’s important to let the dry cleaners know about these upfront so they can take note and make any necessary special arrangements. We can replace broken and missing buttons and will mend loose seams and torn hems.
  4. Protect your garments in the car: Don’t leave your delicate clothes sitting inside your car in direct light. If you have any errands to run before you get to the dry cleaners, it’s best to put clothing in protective bags, behind window screens, or in the trunk. Depending on the materials used, prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the garments’ fibers to weaken, and colors to fade. At Champion Cleaners, we offer two free garment bags to our customers for convenient transport.
  5. Empty your pockets: Sometimes we’re in such a rush, we forget to remove our wallet or smartphone from a coat pocket or pants. Be sure to check what you’re carrying before dropping off your garments. Remember, items like coins, pens, paperclips, and keys can actually damage clothing during the dry cleaning process.

Your clothes are an investment. At Champion Cleaners, we go the extra mile to ensure your wardrobe returns to you in the best condition possible, and our results are second to none. We help you get the most from every cent you’ve spent by keeping your clothes in tip-top shape and helping you Look and Feel Like a Champion. Visit us at U.S. 41 and Wiggins Pass or give us a call at 239-598-1555.

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