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Silk is one of the finest and strongest natural fibers in the world but despite its durability, you still need to follow proper silk fabric care.

The popular textile is soft, elegant and has a beautiful sheen. It is often used in high-end fashion designs and costs more than more common or basic fabrics. Because of those qualities, silk is associated with luxury and couture fashion.

silk is made the thread spun by a silkworm like this one. Follow proper silk fabric care.Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta said, “Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.”

When you wear silk it can make you feel more confident. You may even find it gives you a little swagger.

Silk history

Silk has been a valuable textile since it originated in China in the Neolithic period (4th millennium BC). In addition to clothing, silk had a variety of uses. You may find it surprising but it was even used for writing.

The various colors of silk clothing indicated social class for many years in China and other countries over the centuries. It was a valuable trading commodity worldwide as civilizations, countries and colonies expanded.

It is no wonder why silk has become synonymous with luxury.

Silk fabric care

Silk, which is made from the thread spun by silkworms, requires special cleaning care. The most important thing is to read the label before any kind of cleaning.

Although there is some silk that is washable, follow the directions closely. And, there is still a possibility of color fading or other damage to the clothing. 

It’s not just the silk fibers you need to consider, either. Some of the dyes or finishes applied to the fibers can cause a negative reaction to water or any type of liquid or moisture.

Moisture may fade or change the color. If you spill food or a beverage on silk, it might discolor or weaken the fabric. 

Sweat can also damage some clothing. If you get sweat stains, send it to the dry cleaner for the best chance to save your silk shirt.

The best silk fabric care is to let the professionals handle it. Send your silk clothing — or any other items — to the dry cleaner.

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