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Collier and Lee County students will be heading back to school next week so it’s time to do your school clothes shopping if you haven’t already. This is also a great time because of the Florida back to school sales tax holiday Aug. 2-4, 2019.


school clothes shopping checklistYou need to start prepping a wardrobe of essentials for your kids as well as the school supplies they need for the year. Here are a few tips for shopping for school clothes.


School clothes shopping checklist


1. Before you start school clothes shopping, be sure to check your school’s dress code. Many schools have uniforms, while others just have certain standards that you have to adhere to. Make sure that your children’s clothing fits into the dress code requirements to avoid potential problems later on.


2. Make sure your kids have enough uniforms for the week and even a spare or two. If they don’t have to wear a uniform, make sure you have several options to mix and match. Ideally, you’ll want enough clothes to last you between laundry days.


Since many people do laundry on the weekends, you’ll want enough clothing to make five or six outfits that are school appropriate, and two to three weekend outfits, just to make sure you have a few extras. Kids like to get messy, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry when stocking their closet.


3. When picking out school clothes, you want them to look good but you also want them to be comfortable and to wear well. Look for lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep your kids cool. Cotton and linens are great choices for shirts and dresses. Lightweight khakis are great for pants, as are denim for slightly cooler days.


4. Buy a few lightweight zip-up jackets or sweatshirts that your kids can layer on for rainy days, cooler temps or highly air-conditioned rooms. Of course, you should also make sure they have one or two pairs of durable shoes.


5. Take proper care of the clothes you buy. You invest a lot of money in their clothes so take good care of them. If your kids need to wear a uniform, you may want to consider having it dry cleaned. With kids, it never hurts to have stain remover sticks on hand at home for emergencies.


You should always read the care instructions on the tag before cleaning any clothing. This can help prevent unintended damage in the wash. Some delicates can be washed at home but should be air-dried. 


As you prepare for the new school year, you may want to consider Champion Cleaner’s free pickup and delivery service for wash and fold and dry cleaning. It can save you time, help protect your clothes and reduce your stress!

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