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Following top tips to care for your clothes can help lengthen the life of your garments. That can give you a greater variety of clothes to choose from as well as protect the investment you have hanging in your closet.

We’ve put together a few tips that should help you care for your clothes and get the most out of your dry cleaning service. Many of the tips are pretty simple and logical but they often get overlooked.

Tips to care for your clothesRead the label

You not only need to read the label but also follow the label. The care instructions on the label generally aren’t just a suggestion but actual directions for proper care. When your skirt says dry clean only and you put it through the washer and dryer, you probably won’t like the outcome.

Following the care instructions can prolong the life of your clothes and provide the fit for which your clothes were designed.

Some don’t read the labels and others ignore them because they think dry cleaning is too expensive or inconvenient. At Champion Cleaners we’ve tried to alleviate those concerns by providing affordable prices and convenient service. We offer free pick up and delivery service in Bonita Springs, Estero and Naples. Our convenient location has 24-hour lockers and drive-through service.

Treating stains

Even for adults, we find it hard not to end up wearing our food sometimes. It happens to the best of us but it doesn’t have to ruin the clothing. When you get a stain on your clothing, it is important to bring your garment to your dry cleaner as soon as possible. Stains left too long can be impossible to remove. 

Do not try to remove the stain with water, club soda, etc. This will likely set the stain and damage a “dry clean only” garment. Once you bring your garment to your dry cleaner, let them know what created the stain. Don’t be nervous, I guarantee they have heard it all!

Sometimes we end up getting stains on our clothes from our favorite perfumes, lotions, deodorants, antiperspirants, and other toiletries. Remember to let them dry before you get dressed. Some of these products can adversely affect the dyes in your garments or chemically react and stain the garment permanently.

If you think you are going to have an extremely stressful day, perhaps interviewing for a new job, you may not want to wear your favorite silk shirt. Excessive perspiration can cause many dyes to discolor.

Whatever causes the stain, do not iron stained or soiled clothing. The heat can set some stains.

Cleaning matching pieces

It’s important to have matching pieces cleaned together even if you don’t think they both need cleaned. Maybe you got something on your jacket but not on your slacks or skirt and you’re trying to save a few bucks. There could be a little color loss in the garment, though minimal, it can be noticeable.

Avoiding light damage

Here in sunny Southwest Florida, it is important to protect your garments from direct sunlight to avoid fading and permanent damage. Strong artificial light (fluorescent) can also have a negative impact on your clothes.

We hope these tips help you care for your clothes. We’re always here to help and answer any questions. It’s our goal to help you look and feel like a Champion.

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