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Packing for a holiday trip is a piece of cake for many but others struggle with what to take. They don’t pack enough, don’t pack the right clothes, or they over pack and take too much luggage. Following a few packing tips can help.


packing tips dry cleaner naples, flIf you keep a few tips in mind, you can lighten your load yet be prepared for anything.


Before you pack anything, take a few minutes to think about where you are going, what you will be doing and how long you will be staying.


Where are you going?


You should check the current weather in the area and the forecast. Check the temperatures for the area online. If you are planning to visit family and friends, ask them about the weather. Don’t just rely on the forecast.


Local residents can tell you about the typical rain or snow patterns. Does it rain every afternoon like it does in Southwest Florida in the summer? There are some areas of the country where it may drop 30 degrees in one day.


Another question to ask is where else are you going? Are you just going to one city or will you be visiting the area? Not every city or area in a state has the same environment. If you head to Colorado, for example, you may be in a city that’s one temperature but you plan to visit the mountains where it will be colder and may snow.


Once you know where you are going and what the environment will be, you can choose clothes accordingly. If it’s a cooler climate, take warm clothes. Dressing in layers is the best way to prepare for changing temps.


What will you be doing?


You need to know what kind of activities you will be doing while you travel so you can pack the appropriate clothes.


If you are traveling to visit family or friends, be sure to ask them what they have planned. Your family gathering could be very casual or more formal. Ask the host about the attire.


You’ll pack differently if you plan to do lots of walking, hiking and sightseeing as opposed to hanging out with family.


How long will you stay?


It seems pretty basic but it is important to think about how long you will be away. You need to pack enough clothes to last the trip but not too many that you have trouble dragging your luggage through the airport. You also don’t want your hosts to think you are moving in when you unload a car full of clothes.


If you are staying with family or friends, you may be able to use their washer and dryer so you can take fewer clothes. You can also use a local laundry or dry cleaner while you are away so don’t feel you have to take everything.


When you are packing, you should also think about the fabric of the clothes you are taking. We all know how suitcases get thrown around and clothes get packed in tight. When possible choose fabrics that are less likely to wrinkle.


Knits tend to wrinkle less than woven fabrics. However, stretch woven fabrics with spandex usually won’t wrinkle. Most new synthetic fibers such as the moisture wicking are comfortable and wrinkle free.


If you think about the details of your trip and plan ahead, you will have the right clothes you need on your trip. Be sure to plan weeks in advance so you have time to get your holiday sweater or favorite outfits cleaned and pressed.

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