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Fabric Care Every garment is required to have a fabric care label attached somewhere inside the garment. Most of them are at the back of the collier. Others are more discretely hidden in a side-seam somewhere. Fabric care labels are filled with vital information that will help you to take the very best care of your garments. It will tell you the following things about your garment.

  • Size (S, M, L ) or (10, 12, 14 ) or 1, 2, 3)

  • Where it was made ( USA, China, Taiwan…)

  • RN number- a registration number issued by the federal Trade Commission to a business inside the US. This is helpful if you need
    to contact the manufacturer with a question or complaint.

  • Style Number-This is used to track returns for the manufacture

  • Type of Fabric- Every garment must specify how much of each fiber is used on the construction of your garment when it is present in more that 5% of the total weight of the garment. This is why you will see cotton/spandex blends that specify 95% cotton, 5% spandex

  • Care instruction- For most of us, this is the most important part of the label. The requirements in the fabric labels mandates that all manufactures provide are least one method of care necessary for that particular garment, This label should also warn you about things that could potentially  harm the garment, such as never using a hot iron on a piece of rayon or acetate which could result in the melting of the fabric

  • Laundry instructions are to tell you how to wash, bleach, dry, iron, and or dry-clean the garment.
But most importantly when in doubt remember to always ask your friendly dry cleaner.

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