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One of the most interesting things about the Olympics is how it attracts people who aren’t even interested in sports. Many enjoy the pageantry and sense of patriotism while others want to see the unique Olympic fashion designs. At each games, some of the leading global fashion designers get to put their own unique stamps on the design of team uniforms and other sportswear.

This year’s US Olympic kit was designed by none other than the legendary Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren has designed Team USA’s Olympic uniforms since the 2008 Olympics. 

Olympic fashion goes beyond the uniform athletes wear during competition. There are warmup clothes, jackets and even casual clothes for when they aren’t competing. Athletes represent the USA the entire time they are at the games.

What does the kit include?

This year’s kit covers all the bases for Team USA, including classic zip jackets and polo shirts with denim pants. Determined to emanate traditional American style and culture, Ralph Lauren has modernized this year’s uniforms by aiming for sustainability. These uniforms use a less harmful dyeing process than before and a plant-based leather alternative material.

The core color of the kit is a crisp and clean white. With the central aspects of the kit being white, Team USA will not go unnoticed. There are hints of navy blue on each piece and the strategically places red stripe to ensure that all of the USA’s national colors are incorporated into the uniform.

What are the main fabrics?

The main fabric used for most Olympic uniforms is cotton. This cotton is US-grown and is also incorporated into the white stretch pant. During the competition, Team USA’s swimmers and gymnasts will wear lycra costumes and leotards to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort.

As you watch the opening ceremonies, the competition and the awarding of the medals, you may find yourself taking note of the fashion, too.

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