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The best summer fabrics are ones that keep you cool and let your skin breathe.

Pick lightweight materials and avoid fabrics that stain easily when you sweat in the stifling Southwest Florida heat and humidity.

Whether it’s work or casual attire, you want functional clothing that is also comfortable and fashionable.

best summer fabricsThe best summer clothes are made with natural fabrics. These fabrics are less likely to stick to your body and they let your skin breathe.

Best summer fabrics

Cotton is one of the best, most popular summer fabrics. Air can flow through it, keeping the body cooler. In addition, cotton is easy to clean. You can wash it at home or have it laundered with your other clothes. 

However, cotton has a tendency to wrinkle. Alternatively, you can choose a cotton and polyester blend to reduce wrinkles. You get the benefits of cotton without as many wrinkles.

Linen is another great summer fabric. The lightweight fabric looks nice for business casual or a day with friends. It can be very comfortable although, like cotton, it can wrinkle. If you aren’t careful, your crisp linen outfit could look like you slept in it.

Another fabric you may not have thought of is silk. It can be a great summer fabric but it can show sweat stains more than some other fabrics. It is one of the more elegant fabrics you can choose. You should plan on taking it to the dry cleaner to have it properly cleaned.

Many sports fabrics are synthetic but are good at absorbing sweat. Polyester, however, is not the most comfortable in hot climates. 

The best summer fabrics are light and can effectively absorb moisture without staining. You should also wear light colors because they tend to reflect heat while dark colors absorb heat. White, beige and pastel colors are the coolest.

Regardless of the fabric you choose, you’ll want to take them to a dry cleaner for proper care. They can help keep sweat stains from ruining your clothes. Whether the fabric needs dry cleaning or wash and fold service, Champion Cleaners is here to help keep your summer clothes looking great.

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