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When you think about your local dry cleaner, you probably don’t realize all the services they provide. Many offer alterations, garment repairs, wedding dress preservation, and other services. You can get many household items such as comforters, tablecloths, linens, and curtains cleaned as well.

Household items

Although we all know certain clothing in your closet requires special attention, there are many fabrics in your home that deserve specific care, too. Proper care will help them last longer and look good.

Local Dry Cleaner Champion Cleaners in Naples, FLComforters, curtains, linens, for example, likely need to be handled with care. Often, regular washing machine detergents utilize harsh chemicals and can damage semi-synthetic or blended fabrics. The water can also cause certain materials to shrink, bleed color or lose their shape if not cared for correctly.

Your local dry cleaner will know how to properly care for all types of fabrics. They will know when things should be dry cleaned or washed and at what temperature.

Using a dry cleaner for those items will not only provide quality cleaning but also help sanitize and kill germs lurking in the fabrics.

Other services

Some local dry cleaners provide alterations to help you get the proper fit for any of your clothes, or even wedding dresses. In addition to wedding dress alterations, you may be able to get dresses preserved so you have a lasting memento of your special day and can hand it down to future generations.

Instead of doing laundry yourself, you can use wash and fold services. It will help keep your whites bright and your colors vivid. If you need a zipper repaired, a button replaced or repairs, your dry cleaner can help.

Local dry cleaner convenience

A local dry cleaner not only provides high quality but also convenience. Dry cleaners such as Champion Cleaners in Naples, FL, offer free pick-up and delivery service. To start your service today, call 239-598-1555.

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