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Laundry is one of the few tasks that you’ll probably have to do for the rest of your life. If you find washing clothes a time-consuming, overwhelming, or laborious chore, the best solution is to use professional services from Champion Cleaners. Some of your clothes are probably fabrics that require dry cleaning, anyway.

fabrics that require dry cleaning estero, flIt’s important to know which of  your clothes are marked by the manufacturer as “dry clean only.”


In this post, we’ll briefly define what dry cleaning is and touch on garments or fabrics that require dry cleaning for the best results.


What is dry cleaning?


Dry cleaning can be defined as using special solvents rather than water to get rid of dirt and stains from a given fabric. Dry cleaning doesn’t use soap or water and is highly recommended for delicate fabrics which get damaged by normal washing.


Fabrics that require dry cleaning include:





Silk fabrics should only be dry cleaned. Washing silk with water and soap tends to change its shape and texture.




Clothes made from linen fabric can lose their crispness and shine when washed with water and soap. Moreover, you have to do a lot of ironing when you wash linen with cold water.




Most manufacturers recommend dry cleaning clothes made from wool fabric. A typical wash with soap and water can cause wool to shrink and lose its luster.


Other fabrics


In addition to the aforementioned fabrics, other less-known fabrics that should only be dry cleaned include muslin or cotton voile, rayon, soft leather, suede, cashmere, and beaded garments.


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