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Fall fashion this year is going to be full of color and texture, and that trend will carry through to winter fashion. Colors will be more vivid and bold as we try to brighten up our style and our frame of mind.

Fall FashionVibrant colors can evoke energy and positivity so a colorful wardrobe can make you not only look good but also feel good. Go bold with brilliant yellow but discover which yellow best suits you. Whether it’s through stripes and patterns or mellow tones, this color offers a cheerful hue that has become a resounding trend when paired with casual jeans.

If you prefer something more subtle, dusty pink and lilac offer rich color that doesn’t overpower.

Fall fashion fabrics

Comfortable fabrics are a must at all times of the year. In the summer, that means lightweight breathable fabrics. In the fall and winter, heavier fabrics can be just as comfortable.

Fall and winter are all about layering, and sweater vests are here to do the job this year. Coupled with a button-down shirt and straight blue jeans, it’s a timeless combination. You can create a great look whether you choose plain, pattern or plaid.

Patchwork items, especially jeans, are becoming popular. With multiple seams, this style gives the effect of layer upon layer which fits well with the seasons. Puff sleeves are also expected to be big this year and offer a fashionable touch for the holidays.

For those moments that you want colorful and standout pieces, designer fabrics are the ultimate go-to this year. Flowers, patterns, and symbols all offer unique color combinations, and decorative textures will give an image of opulence and high-end fashion to any look this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Regardless of your fashion choice, don’t forget that some clothes require special care. Be sure to check the label and follow proper care instructions. You may want to consider using a professional dry-cleaning service to help them last longer.

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