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Summer fashion is all about being cool. Think about cool colors, cool fabric and cool design.

It’s not just about looking cool but also feeling cool. As the temperatures soar, you want to keep your body cool.

Whether you enjoy outdoor activities or work outside, you need to put some thought into your wardrobe.

Cool colors

Summer fashion features cool tones because light colors reflect light and heat while dark colors absorb it. Some popular colors this year are light yellow, powdery pink, sky blue, soft grey and orange. Bright colors are popular and fun to wear in the summer.

Pastel tones are also becoming more popular as they suit a wide variety of skin tones and elevate your overall aesthetic.

When picking colors, you may also want to consider what it looks like when wet. The blazing temperatures of summer make most people sweat quite a bit. Some colors do a better job of concealing sweat while others accentuate it. Sweat can also cause some discoloration.

You may want to consider professional cleaning to keep sweat stains from ruining your clothes. It will also keep your white and bright colors from fading.

Summer Fashion

Cool fabric

The best summer fabrics are cotton, linen, silk and chambray. These fabrics are breathable, lightweight, soft, and comfortable. Some fabrics you should avoid are rayon, denim, leather and fleece because they are heavier and don’t let your skin breathe.

Cool design

Loose fitting designs are the best. When you get hot, you sweat, and to cool off you need air to flow over as much of your skin as possible. So, your clothing shouldn’t hamper that. Lightweight dresses, shorts and shirts can be comfortable and fashionable.

As for accessories, beaded necklaces and silk headscarves are the ideal choices for tapping into your retro side.

Regardless of your summer fashion choices, proper care will help keep your clothes in good shape. Professional cleaning keeps your colors bright and will help keep sweat stains from ruining your clothes.

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