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A convenient laundry service is a great solution for those who either don’t want to do laundry or don’t have their own washer and dryer.


Although many condo communities in Naples have washers and dryers in the units, that’s not a convenience they all provide. Some provide a laundry room, yet others don’t have any laundry facilities.


But when you live in a beautiful Florida condominium with sweeping views and abundant amenities, who wants to walk to a laundry room or drive to a laundromat to wash clothes?


After all, most people choose to live in a condo for the convenience. They want to enjoy the Florida lifestyle and spend more time doing the things they enjoy.


A convenient laundry service can eliminate the tedious chore all together. Then there’s time to take advantage of the fun and relaxing amenities the community offers.


There are dry cleaners in Florida that cater to those living high-rise condo life. And it won’t break the budget or leave anyone scrounging for quarters.


In Naples, Champion Cleaners makes dry cleaning and laundry services just about as convenient as you can get. With free pick-up and delivery services, you don’t even have to leave your home.


If you are worried about the cost, these services can be surprisingly affordable. Consider the money and time it saves if you have to go to a laundry facility. It can even be more economical than doing it at home when you consider the cost of energy, detergent, and water. The time you save is also valuable.


For anyone living in a Florida condominium and dreading laundry day more the closer it comes, consider having someone else do it.

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