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We all love convenience and things that save us time. We want quality service and we want it delivered to us. That even includes free delivery laundry and dry cleaning services.


free delivery laundryIn these difficult times, we rely even more on delivery and contactless transactions. Limiting the number of people we are around and reducing physical contact can help keep us all healthy. Why take risks when it isn’t necessary?


Today’s technology and e-commerce mean we don’t have to leave home to get what we need. We no longer need to hand someone dollar bills and change, we just pay electronically. We don’t have to pick up the things we need, we get them delivered.


That’s true even in dry cleaning and laundry services. Imagine leaving your dirty clothes outside your door and then opening the door a few days later to find fresh clothes waiting for you. No more making time to drop off or pick up clothes at the dry cleaner. You can even confirm your pick ups through text messaging.


Benefits of free delivery laundry & dry cleaning

Save time: No more worrying about when you can find time to drive to the dry cleaner. No need to drop off clothes or pick them up. You’ll save time and gas money. It will also spare you from dealing with Southwest Florida traffic and rainy season.

If you leave your laundry to us, you can save even more time. With the average family household spending 2.5 to 5 hours a week on laundry, you’d have time to do more things you enjoy.

Superior quality: A professional dry cleaner will get your clothes much cleaner than a residential washing machine.  The water temperature reaches 160 degrees, hotter than a traditional washer. That kills more germs and gets your clothes cleaner. Your whites will be whiter, your colors more vivid and clothes will last longer.

Convenient: There’s nothing more convenient than someone doing the work for you! Wouldn’t we all love a personal assistant who took care of all of our errands? It’s like having your own personal valet. You give them your dirty clothes and they bring them back clean and pressed.

Contactless: You don’t have to talk or even see the delivery person. You leave the bag of dirty clothes outside and the delivery person will pick them up. They’ll bring back the clean clothes and leave them for you. You don’t even have to hand anyone money. You’ll receive your bill or pay electronically.

To sign up for free pick up and delivery, call Champion Cleaners at 239.598.1555.

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