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In today’s world of fast fashion, it can be all too easy to overlook the importance of proper clothing care. Looking after your wardrobe, however, can save you money and time, and is much more eco-friendly than frequently throwing away tattered garments.

Clothing care tipsHere are a few tips for making your clothes last longer:

1. Start by buying high-quality clothes

Try opting for clothes that are well-constructed and are made using sturdy fabrics. Cheap fast fashion will not last long.

2. Have your favorite items dry cleaned

Dry cleaning can help boost the longevity of your clothes as it protects the integrity of natural fibers, prevents color fading, and removes grease and oil much more effectively than water-based methods.

Indeed, when you do the laundry at home, your clothes absorb lots of water. This causes them to swell up, leaving them vulnerable to wear and tear. Dry cleaning also eliminates the chances of shrinking your clothes.

3. Read laundry labels

Remember that laundry labels are there for a reason and that you should always follow manufacturers’ instructions when doing laundry at home. If the label recommends hand-washing or dry cleaning, don’t be tempted to put them in the washer!

4. Consider washing your clothes less

Do you wash your jeans or sweatshirts every time after you wear them? It may be time to reconsider. Frequent laundering can be tough on clothes and leave them faded, shrunk, stretched or torn. If your outerwear looks clean and smells fresh, you can safely wear it for another time or two.

You can also take advantage of wash and fold services from Champion Cleaners.

5. Stay on top of your personal hygiene

This is an obvious tip, but it is worth mentioning. Showering regularly, wearing deodorant and trying to avoid stains will help your clothes last.

6. Repair damaged clothes

If you notice a small hole or loose thread on your clothes, make sure to fix it up right away before allowing things to get worse. Learning some simple repair skills will help you to maintain your clothes for much longer. You can get a sewing kit and do it yourself or take it to Champion Cleaners and let them do the repairs.

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