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Proper clothing care is essential to protect the investment you’ve made in your wardrobe. Clothes can be expensive. In fact, the average American family spends nearly $2,000 a year on apparel.

That amount accounts for about 3.5% of a family’s expenses, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Although that may not seem like a significant amount, you don’t want to waste money if you can avoid it.

Clothing Care tipsIf you commit to proper clothing care, you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Here are five tips to help you stretch your clothing budget.

1. Treat stains immediately: The longer you leave the stain, the harder it gets to remove it. If it’s a minor stain on fabric that’s easy to clean, you may be able to remove it yourself. Otherwise, you should take it to a professional.

2. Use your dry cleaner: If the label says, “Dry Clean Only,” that’s what you should do. You could ruin the fabric if you try to clean it yourself. Get your dry clean only garments cleaned after a couple times of wearing them. However, when they get dirty clean them right away. 

3. Repair damaged clothes immediately: If you have a broken zipper, a missing button or other damage, fix it as soon as you can. If it’s something easy such as sewing on a button, you may want to do it yourself. More complicated repairs are better left to the experts.

4. Get garments altered or tailored instead of getting rid of them: Oftentimes when an item no longer fits, we discard it. However, alterations could make your clothes fit properly again.

5. Always hang or fold clothing: It is important to store your clothes properly. Use hangers or fold your clothes neatly. You also don’t want to overload your drawers or closets. If you have to shove clothes in to make them fit, they won’t look very nice when you take them out.

With a little attention and proper care, your wardrobe will last you long enough to go out of style and then come back into style, if you so choose. Pay special attention to your high-quality and high-end items that are best left to the professionals.

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