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Cleaning hurricane damaged clothes and fabrics can help you save those items instead of having to replace them. If your home sustained water damage during Hurricane Ian, you may still be struggling with how to clean your clothes, draperies or other fabrics so you can save them. Replacing everything gets expensive.

Whether you are unable to wash your clothes because of damage to your home or aren’t sure about the best cleaning methods, Champion Cleaners can help with our wash, dry and fold services. We offer free pickup and delivery.

We can also clean your drapery and furniture right in your home. With our best care techniques, your curtains don’t even have to be taken down and rehung. And we can work with your insurance company on claims. We follow through with the restoration process from pack out to delivery, communicating every step of the way.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement response in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement response in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian; September 30, 2022. (Credit: FWC)

Here are some tips for cleaning hurricane damaged clothes to help save what you can.

  • Before you wash your clothes, make sure that your water is safe to use. You don’t want to wash your clothes in contaminated water. 
  • When handling your clothes, it’s a good idea to wear gloves to avoid possible contamination on your hands. Depending on the severity of the flood, you may even want to wear goggles or a mask. Floodwaters often contain sewage, fertilizer runoff and other toxic material.
  • Rinse heavily soiled wet or muddy items outside with a hose before putting them in the washer. You can also soak them in a sink.
  • Put wet clothes, comforters, sheets, linens, etc. outside to dry if you are unable to wash them right away. Do not store wet clothes in plastic bags because it could cause mold or mildew.
  • Consider using extra rinse cycles if your washer includes this feature. You should check the water during the rinse cycle to see if it’s clean. If not, you may want to run the wash cycle again.
  • Use the hottest water setting safe for the fabric to disinfect the items. You may want to add disinfectants such as Lysol to the wash if it won’t damage the fabric.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean before putting them in the dryer. It may take several wash cycles to get them clean but if you put them in the dryer, you could set the stain.

It may sound like a lot of work to get your clothes clean but mold, mildew and contaminants can be hazardous to your health. It’s better to be safe than risk your health. Plus, it’s less expensive cleaning your clothes than buying new ones.

Even after the water is gone you’ll have some moisture, which can cause mold and mildew. This can be a dangerous situation. You can use a dehumidifier but another alternative is a portable air-conditioning unit. It can help reduce humidity and keep you cool without using your permanent unit that could be contaminated.

Champion Cleaners can professionally clean your clothes, comforters, curtains and other household items for peace of mind and to save time. We offer free pick up and delivery. Call us at (239) 598-1555.

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