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There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to take your laundry to the dry cleaner, but not being able to find the time. Worry no more because Champion Cleaners have made expert garment care fast and easy with free pick-up and delivery service from your home or office. You save time with no extra cost!

free pick-up and deliveryYou don’t even have to be home during the free pick-up and delivery since we give you a free garment bag, providing you with the ultimate convenience.

Here are a couple of the main benefits of free pick-up and delivery dry cleaning. You can also get free pick-up and delivery service for our laundry/wash and fold service.

Time savings with free pick-up and delivery

A 24 hour day can often be too short, considering you have to run errands, go to work, grab a bite, and accomplish many other activities that characterize a typical day. Stopping by the dry cleaner can be the last thought on your mind and we totally understand.

We would not want you or your family to run out of clean clothes to wear simply because you could not find the time to take them to the dry cleaner or keep up with laundry on your own. Allow us to take one more thing from your to-do list, with our helpful professionals who can pick up your clothes for cleaning.

Gas and money saved

In this technology age, you can do most things at the click of a button, from the comfort of your home. If you can shop, order food and work from home, why not get your dry cleaning delivered? We make it possible to have professionally cleaned laundry without driving to us.

At Champion Cleaners, we also care about the environment, and we want you to save on gas. It gets even better because we don’t include a service charge for pick-up and delivery in Estero, Naples and Bonita Springs, FL.

Why give yourself another errand after a long day? Call us today (239.598.1555) if you need a dry cleaner that will make your life much more relaxed and convenient.

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