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When you wash your clothes, you expect them to be fresh and clean. But are your clean clothes truly clean?

Did you clean them properly with the best water temperature, detergent, and wash cycle? There are a lot of factors that go into making your clothes as clean as possible without damaging them.

Laundry seems like a simple enough task. Throw the clothes in the washer, add some detergent and press a button. Then when the washer is done, throw everything in the dryer and push another button. Most people, but not all, then hang or fold their clothes.

Clean clothes foldedBut there’s a little more to laundry than that if you want your clothes to look nice and stay in good shape. Not all clothes can be washed together, some require hot water and others cold water. And some detergents are better than others. Not all fabrics can go into the dryer.

Often, regular washing machine detergents utilize harsh chemicals and can damage semi-synthetic or blended fabrics. The water can also cause certain materials to shrink, bleed color or lose their shape if not cared for correctly.

Level of clean clothes

The level of “clean” depends on the cleaning process. That’s why a professional dry cleaner is the best way to make sure clean clothes are truly clean.

The professionals know if dry cleaning is better than washing. They can get out most stains. They know the proper water temperature and have the best cleaning solutions and methods. 

Professional equipment also reaches virus-killing temperatures during the cleaning process. In addition, the dry cleaner likely sanitizes their machines between loads, and then after cleaning and pressing, garment is covered in plastic to maintain protection and cleanliness.

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