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Florida may not have much of a winter compared to states like Wisconsin, but the state does see a dip in temperatures. Newcomers to the state may be surprised to hear that temperatures can get rather chilly overnight, and even the days can occasionally be crisp. They may not know what should be in their winter wardrobe for Southwest Florida.

winter wardrobe naples flYou can’t rely on your summer wardrobe to get you through the few months when it isn’t that hot and humid, though, so what can you wear that doesn’t look overdone?

Layers win every year.

Instead of bundling up in thick sweaters and leggings, go for layers. Put together your normal “indoor” outfit for the day and then add extra items that are relatively thin and that you can put on or take off as needed.

For example, a light utility jacket or thin knit duster offers warmth without too much bulk. These are often made from machine-washable fabrics, but a knit duster may be better suited to dry cleaning. If you machine-wash it, the weave could stretch out quickly.

A pashmina shawl is a lovely accent for women; when it is chilly, wrap it around your shoulders, and if you become too warm, roll it up lengthwise into a scarf. Pashminas and many cheaper options require dry cleaning.

Don’t forget gloves or wrist-warmers and hats. These knit items come off easily if you find the temperature is too warm. As these are often wool blends or have leather- and suede-like patches, dry cleaning is the best way to care for the items.

Clean clothes look and feel wonderful, and Champion Cleaners in Naples wants you to look your best. We have free pickup and delivery to save you time, as well as 24-hour drop-off services and alterations. Our VIP mobile club gives members special deals, too. Contact us if you have any questions, 239.598.1555.

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