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Most people own washing machines and dryers for one simple reason: the convenience. Homeowners can wash and dry a load of dirty clothes and multi-task at the same time.

dry cleanersWhy sit in a laundromat spending money on machines and vendor snacks when you can do the same task at home more efficiently and cheaply, while also performing house chores or relaxing with a book or movie?

Yet, the convenience of these appliances matters little when people need to clean fabric items that require special handling. Although you can hand wash certain garments and find some do-it-yourself dry cleaning products in retail stores, the services of a dry cleaner are infinitely better because home-cleaning methods often lead to accidental damage.

Dry cleaners are also better for these reasons:


Material brightening


Many people find that certain fabrics acquire dirty streaks and stains over time that become impossible to remove via standard home fabric cleaning methods. White materials also take on a dingy, yellow appearance from sun exposure.

Dry cleaners use professional grade cleaning products and tools when performing laundry service, including white boosting agents, that remove the streaks, stains and grime that rarely disappear with normal laundry detergents and domestic laundry equipment.


Repairs and alterations


At Champion Cleaners, we offer more than cleaning services. These extras typically include sewing-related services that involve rip and tear fixes. Seamstresses can add patches, stitch pockets, replace zippers and buttons and adjust clothing. Plenty of people lack these skills or need this type of service at the last minute for an upcoming event.


Health benefits


When people have busy schedules, they often allow their curtains and bedlinen to remain dirty. Yet dust buildup can lead to unhealthy air quality inside of a home, especially for people with allergies or asthma. Also, people who live in larger homes often don’t have the time to take down all of the curtains, wash them in a gentle fashion based on the material and manufacturer’s instructions and then put them back up. Household items can be taken to the dry cleaner, too.

Some people can’t use home-approved dry cleaning solvents without experiencing serious reactions because of allergies and sensitivities. Investing in dry cleaner services can help you stick to your schedule, work around health conditions and keep your home clean.


Champion Cleaners is a recognized dry cleaning industry leader in Naples, Estero and Bonita Springs. Our knowledgeable employees can perform nearly any specialty fabric cleaning or repair task with ease. We also offer inexpensive corporate employer and employee services and free pick up and delivery. Contact us today for more details.

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