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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life so you want to choose a dress that makes you feel happy and confident. Although it should look good, it should also feel good. That means choosing the right wedding dress fabric.


In addition to the style, the fabric is a key factor. Here are some different types of wedding dress fabrics.




A satin wedding dress is a classic option that is very versatile. Satin is very sleek. It looks nice for modern weddings, but it can also look very traditional depending on the style. Satin is thicker than many other types of wedding dress fabric, so it is a good choice for weddings during the colder months.




This is a very light, sheer fabric with a woven texture. It is incredibly delicate and has beautiful movement, so it is perfect for summer weddings. Chiffon looks best with flowy silhouettes, but it isn’t as effective if you are looking for a structured dress.




This netted fabric is actually what a ballerina’s tutu is made of, but it’s also a great choice for creating a voluminous wedding dress. Although tulle is delicate, you can still use it to create a very structured dress that makes a statement.




Lace is a very classic wedding dress material, perfect for a traditional ceremony. If you want to look truly elegant on your wedding day, this is the perfect material for you. It is very delicate, so it is often combined with more structured fabrics for some stability.


Regardless of which wedding dress fabric you use, it’s important that you have your dress taken to a dry cleaner if you need it cleaned or altered. Wedding dresses are incredibly delicate, so they should always be handled by a professional for cleaning and care.

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