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Customer Question MarksWhat do you look for in a dry cleaner; well I would imagine that like any business you would want them to be an expert in their field. But what else is important to you? Ya know the reason I ask this is that we are always looking to better our business, and to have a successful business it is important for us to understand the needs of my customers.

That being said I started wonder what that actually meant and I started thinking of myself as the customer and what did I expect from the businesses I did business with. We are not only business owners we are customers and clients as well and we have expectations, so I started thinking maybe I could learn something from me, what an concept….

I started asking myself questions, like “What motivated me to use one business over the other?”  When I chose to do business with a particular company was relationship building a major factor or did I even care? Was it all about the money and did saving a few bucks really matter? Was location a key factor and why would I go out of my way to do business with a business that was not in my immediate vicinity? Well here are few things I came up with, that could potentially help my business and perhaps they may be of some benefit to you….

  1. Relationships: I like relationships; that’s just the kind of person I am. I like the one on one I receive when I am doing business with someone who has taken the time to know who I am. I love it when I walk into an establishment and they welcome me by name. As a business owner I appreciate the time attention it takes to do this. I have to say that this tops pretty much everything with a few exceptions.

  2. Location: For me location is only important when I want something fast. If my wife asks me to go get something on the fly, well I am going to go to the closest place possible. This is all about convenience

  3. Money: Dose money matter, well unfortunately today it matters more than it did say a few years ago but is it the deciding factor? This is where it gets a little tricky…. I think it depends on the emotional investment. Okay this is what I mean by that, if I want something and I want it badly I pretty much don’t care about price.  Now this doesn’t happen very often, so on average I would have to say that I always look at the price.  I typically, if there is a spread, will take the one in the middle but the relationships I have established will certainly play a major role in the decision as well.

So in summary it would seem, that for me, relationships are very important, well I guess for those who know me that isn’t all that surprising.  However the thing that did surprise me is just how important relationships were.  So how do I take this information and incorporate it into my business. Well fortunately I am doing most of this stuff but a little refresher course with the staff certainly not a bad idea and brain storming new ideas in customer service surly wouldn’t hurt either.  Most importantly just taking a little time to think about it was beneficial, it opened up my business a little bit and I like that.

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