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The days leading up to your wedding will be as hectic as they are exciting. Here are five wedding planning tips to help you be prepared on your big day.

wedding planning naples fl1. Have a dry cleaner ready for alterations and dry cleaning

The weeks before your big day mean lots of stress, which can mean changes to your shape. You might decide that your dress isn’t fitting quite right, or, something happens and you need it cleaned or altered. Having a dry cleaner such as Champion Cleaners on hand for wedding dress alterations or cleaning ensures that your dress will be in top condition for the ceremony.

2. Schedule all beauty treatments in advance

The last thing you want is to realize the hairdresser, nail salon, or makeup artist you wanted is all booked up right before your wedding. You also don’t want to be doing all your appointments at the last minute. Plan about 4-6 months in advance and book the appointments you want. This will give you time to decide where you want to go and space out appointments, so you’re not busy getting made up when you have a million other things to do.

3. Create an emergency day pack

You never know what you might forget or what might go wrong on your special day. To avoid any mini-disasters, create a small emergency bag for the bridal suite and pack it with basics like deodorant, a sewing kit, tissues, laundry pens, mints, and anything else you might need. Start packing in advance, so as you think of things, you can add them to the bag.

4. Plan what kind of pictures you want

You likely put a lot of time into choosing a good wedding photographer, and will love their style and take. But photographers aren’t mind readers. If there’s a certain shot you want, you have to tell them. It’s a good idea to make a list of any special requests for things you want them to focus on.

5. Plan out your food

The one thing newlyweds tend to forget about is that they have to eat! While you’re busy enjoying getting ready, the ceremony, and your reception, you’ll get very hungry. Plan out a nice breakfast for while you’re prepping, and have someone save you both a plate of food from the reception, so you can eat after everyone has left.

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