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Wedding dress restoration isn’t easy, and a small mistake could ruin the gown for good. That’s why it’s best to let the experts handle it.

If the restoration is done right, a gown can bring a sparkle to the eyes of brides for generations.

Wedding dress restoration naples flA Columbus, Ohio, woman recently got married in a gown that belonged to her great-grandmother and was more than 100 years old. What’s even more amazing is she also had her grandmother’s gown, which was more than 70 years old. She ended up wearing three dresses during her wedding celebration.

Laura Bales told Columbus Monthly she found her grandmother’s wedding dress from 1946 and her great-grandmother’s wedding dress from 1913 in the basement of her grandmother’s home.

The two gowns were tucked inside Macy’s bags.

Your first thought may be, “I bet those weren’t in a good condition!”

You’d be right. Neither of them was in any shape to be worn, but thankfully, Laura was able to find a local expert to restore both.

She wore one of the dresses for her shower and rehearsal and the other dress for the wedding. She wore a new dress for the reception.

Wonder if she will put the dresses away and keep them for any future brides.

Here in Southwest Florida, brides who are lucky enough to stumble upon such vintage finds can bring their gowns to Champion Cleaners. We have an expert team who can restore gowns to their former glory and/or alter them to fit the current bride.

We’ll need plenty of time to do this, though, so be sure to book an appointment as soon as possible to ensure your dress is ready to go. It can take time to restore a dress depending on its age, condition, and fabric.

After the ceremony, you may want to preserve your gown for the future, whether it’s to wear at a special anniversary event or to pass on to the next generation.

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