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Everyone makes a big deal about the dress before and during the wedding ceremony. But, for most people attending a wedding, the dress is soon forgotten. For the bride, though, wedding dress preservation is a way to preserve a more tangible memory than what’s captured in a photo album.

wedding dress preservation naples, flThe wedding dress gives the bride a sense memory, which invokes exactly how you felt at the time of the event. It’s more than just emotion. You don’t feel merely happiness; you’re having a visceral reaction to the environment created by your mind. That creation is prompted by touch, smell, and your other senses. It feels like you are back to that day.

Have you ever had an odor conjure up a memory? Maybe it’s the smell of honeysuckle floating through the air that takes you back to your childhood. Or, maybe the smell of lilies reminds you of your mother because they were her favorite flower. In addition, for many, the smell of certain food cooking brings up memories of the favorite dish their mother made.

Those memories are prompted by something you smell, which is a powerful sense.

Your other senses bring up memories as well. The way something looks and the way it feels when you touch it — that can bring back powerful feelings. It’s almost like you are in the moment again.

Wedding dress preservation lets you relive that special day

Your dress is likely to be in pretty good shape after the ceremony and reception. However, it’s still a cloth garment that’s been worn during a stressful event, so you must have the dress cleaned. Chances are, you spent a small fortune on the dress, therefore, repairing any damage is probably worth it, even if it’s just a slightly loose seam or a small spill.

Then, the final step in wedding dress preservation is encasement in a special container that will protect the gown from environmental factors such as sunlight and moisture that could make it look dingy and dirty over time.

With this protection, you can take the gown out of your closet and look at each detail, calling up scenes of walking down the aisle, having the ring placed on your finger, or even just mingling with happy guests.

Champion Cleaners can help you preserve those memories to last a lifetime.

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