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Most brides buy their wedding dress several months to a year before their wedding so it’s important to remember wedding dress alterations in your wedding plans.

Many wedding planners suggest ordering or buying a dress at least 10 months in advance. Made-to-order wedding dresses typically take about 6-9 months to create, according to It could also take a while to find just the right dress. 

You want plenty of time for dress delivery and alterations.

Wedding dress alterations tips

No matter where you buy your dress, consider getting a professional fitting to ensure a proper fit. You will be happier with how it fits and it should relieve some of your stress when planning the wedding.

If your weight doesn’t fluctuate too much, you may want to get the alterations done a couple months in advance and then just make sure the dress still fits as the wedding gets closer. As long as you keep an eye on any weight changes, you should be fine.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should wait until closer to the time of the wedding before doing any alterations. You don’t want to have the dress altered multiple times.

When having a professional dress fitting done, make sure to bring your dress shoes and undergarments so you will see exactly how everything will fit on the special day. Be sure to take some trusted, honest people with you, such as your mom, sister or a close friend. They can help you make sure the dress fits properly and looks great. Having extra eyes during the fitting can make sure any issues are spotted.

If you do need an alteration for your dress, use a professional you trust. You may even find your trusted dry cleaner provides alterations. For example, Champion Cleaners in Naples, FL, can make sure your dress fits and looks fabulous for your wedding day.

When it comes to wedding dresses, there must be careful planning to ensure that everything fits correctly on your special day. When it comes to your wedding day, there are already so many other things to think about to have to worry about getting your dress altered.

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