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With summer right around the corner, you may be thinking about your closet and your wardrobe.

Even though we’re blessed in Southwest Florida to have mild winters, that doesn’t mean your clothes are always ready to go for the inevitable hot temperatures.

Who wants to spend a bunch of time sifting through “winter” clothes looking for that sleeveless shirt you bought on discount back in December?

It’s time to organize your closet – and see which items may need to head to the dry cleaners. This is especially important if you have a small closet or just one closet to store clothes in.

Wash-dry-fold, alterations services

Before you do anything else, you should sort through your clothes and divide them into piles. This will let you see your inventory so you can decide what you’ll wear over the hot summer months and what you can store away or discard (by donating, natch).

Once you’ve decided what you’ll keep, it’s time to make more piles! This time, you need to sort by what needs to be freshened up. What can be laundered? What has to be dry cleaned?

Champion Cleaners provides two laundry bags for you to use with our free pickup and delivery, so if you already have those, that’s handy for your sorting before sending them to us for our wash, dry and fold service.

If you have clothes that you love and want to keep for summer wearing, but they just don’t quite fit right anymore, we can do alterations to make them fit you perfectly.

We can also dry clean any handbags that require extra special care, so don’t neglect your collection of summer bags!

As for the clothes you need to store, it’s helpful to get storage boxes and label them however you need to so you’ll know what’s inside when the time comes to bring them all out.

For expensive items, you may wish to place them inside garment bags before placing them inside a storage box.

The clothes you’re returning to the closet also should have special attention. It’s important to have the right hanger for them to make them look their best. That means finding hangers that fit the shoulders well, and hangers that will keep a dress from losing its shape.

If you have ample closet space, there are many closet organizers you can buy for shoes, jewelry, hats and belts, just to name a few.

By following these suggestions, you should be able to spend less time in your closet and more time at the beach this summer!

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