The Care and Feeding of Your Suits Posted on February 8, 2012 under Champion Service, Cleaning Tips, Garment Care. | no comments.
Feeding your SuitsOur professional wear is a vital part of our wardrobe and maintaining it is important if we are going to get the most from these sometimes very expensive items. For those of us who live and work in subtropical regions, like Naples Florida, the humidly creates a shorter span between cleaning cycles.

By following these simple steps we hope to help you keep your garments looking great and lasting longer.

1. Brush your garments frequently with a soft but firm bristled brush to remove the dust that collects between the fibers.

2. Hang your clothes where they can breathe, after wearing. Wool needs air to help it spring back into shape.

3. Give your wool garments a 3 day rest after wearing. This will help them shed wrinkles and allow the garment to regain its original shape. This rest will help avoid dry cleaning and keep your garment feeling new much longer.

4. Store your clothing carefully. Suit jackets should be hung on good hangers that support the shoulders well and allow the jacket to drape without any creases. Do not squash your clothing in your closet, give it breathing room and don’t enclose your wool garments in bags that do not breathe. You may cover the shoulders with a plastic covering, where most dust accumulates.

5.  When dry cleaning, clean the jacket, slacks and or skirt together to ensure even wearing and color displacement because over time there will be some. Most importantly when in doubt always ask your friendly local dry cleaner…..

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