Summer Fabrics Posted on July 25, 2011 under Cleaning Tips, Fashion, Garment Care. | no comments.
Summer FabricsLet’s talk summer fabrics and why some fabrics are more comfortable than others. The best fabrics are ones that help you stay cool and absorb sweat. In Naples Florida our hot summer days coupled with our high humidity make this an important factor when choose our summer garments. Cotton of course is the best, this fabric is absorbent and cool to wear, it’s breathable fibers help keep the individual relaxed and comfortable. 

One of the draw backs with cotton however is its tendency to wrinkle; investing in a cotton polyester blend should take care of that. Another great summer fabric is linen, I love linen, it has a crisp cool look and flows easily with the summer heat. However like cotton linen is known to wrinkle and if you are uncomfortable in a slightly disheveled look perhaps you should steer away from this one.

Silk is also a wonderful summer fabric and makes for lovely soft flowing garments. Silk is one of our more elegant materials and is used in a variety of different garments from pants, shorts, shirts, tops and dresses. It is a must have for any summer wardrobe. Summer is a wonderful time to spend long lazy days with our family and friends and wearing the most comfortable garment will enable you to relax and enjoy this season.

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